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Meet the Team

Primrose Team: Selma

Selma Copijn

Selma just loves jewellery…

When she was only a tiny Selma, she found herself in her mothers gemstone store admiring all the beautiful earrings and necklaces her mother made. She very quickly learned how to recognise the right qualities and how to hand make the most beautiful creations. This is why starting Primrose was the obvious choice for her.

To her every piece she makes represents a story. This is the biggest joy she gets from working with jewellery. Wondering what beautiful adventures all her creations are going to travel to next. She believes you create your own stories in your life, and you can create your own beautiful world… this belief is what she puts into every piece she makes 💗

Selma loves going out on a warm summer day and wandering the lovely Amsterdam streets and parks. Her favourite food is sushi and her favourite movie is The Notebook (she cries every time she watches it 🙈).

Selma’s favourite piece is the Golden Wing Earring because to her it represents the freedom to fly away and begin your own adventure 😊


Primrose Team: Claudia


Claudia likes things to be tidy. Everything in her house has a specific place to make everything look gorgeous and maximum efficient. She is great at keeping her head cool when others become stressed.

At Primrose she is known for always knowing where stuff is… even when everybody else has already looked everywhere… it’s like magic ✨

She is really techie and great at fixing everything that has to do with computers. That’s why Claudia is responsible for a lot of the website stuff 🤓

She just got her license to drive a motorbike and is now saving up to buy a black Ducati sports bike. Claudia loves eating pancakes, mini-golf and putting together Ikea furniture.

Claudia’s favourite piece is the Silver Sparkling North Star Earring because to her it represents that there can be immense beauty in the tiniest of things. A star may look small but it is a really beautiful and powerful source of energy 💕


Primrose Team: Kee


Kee has an amazing eye for detail. That is why she loves making earrings and treating each and every single one of them like the beautiful piece of gorgeousness they are. She is really creative and loves tattoo’s and spending hours in the kitchen with friends to make amazing edible artworks.

At Primrose, Kee is the master of earrings. She loves making even the most complicated pieces with lots of care and attention. She has also become known for making the most beautiful order boxes. Especially combining all the different pieces and styles that some people order, and turning it into one beautiful package 😍

Kee loves to go on holidays to sunny places, her favourite food is sushi and she is not able to count the amount of times she has seen Pretty Woman ☺️

Her favourite piece is the Silver Turquoise Evil Eye Earring because it reminds her of the warm summer sun. This way she feels she can take the sun with her wherever she goes 🌸


Primrose Team: Maud


Maud is very proud of the fact that she is a little crazy (in a fun way 😁) That is why she is always the life of the party at Primrose.

She has an amazing talent for working hard and fast. Also her tenacity makes it so she will never stop until the job is done. We absolutely love Maud ❤️

Amongst her many talents at work she is also skilled at winning pubquizes, fixing Ikea furniture and doing silly voices (and consequently making Esmeralda laugh). Watching movies, listening to music and chatting with her Italian roommate are some of Mauds favourite activities.

The earring she likes the most is the Rainbow Lightning Earring because: “Duh, look how cool it is rocking in my ear right now” 🌈 🤟


Primrose Team: Marijn


Marijn loves people and hanging out with friends. She has an extraordinary broad variety of skills. From playing on the piano, having an exquisite eye for detail or scoring goal after goal on the hockey field 🏑🎉

At Primrose, Marijn loves the team and working together. Wether it is working on necklaces, making earrings or customising the personalised jewellery boxes, she turns it into an art form.

Her favourite dish is sushi, she loves to shop for clothing and her dream is to make a year long trip around the world ✈️

The White Cowrie Shell Earring is Marijn her favourite piece because it captures the spirit of travel with elegance, by combining a real cowrie shell with 24 karat gold 😍


Primrose Team: Rosa


Rosa is a masterful traveler and fashion lover. She has already been in 34 different countries but has a strong commitment to visit every single country on earth in her lifetime 🌎✈️😎

At Primrose, Rosa is known for being super punctual and precise. That is why she loves making the handcrafted earrings, gift boxes and necklaces. She is always super creative and has new ideas for designs and styles.

Real Asian food is her favourite, she can’t get enough of any and all of the James Bond movies and is saving up to buy an iPad Pro and Apple Pencil for her digital designs.

Rosa her favourite earrings are the personalized Star Sign Earrings because she just loves their pure, simple and yet deeply meaningful designs ✨


Primrose Team: Marijn


“Enjoy your life” is one of Marijn her motto’s. That is why some of her favourite activities are meeting friends, dancing, playing hockey and eating amazing food. One of her favourites is Libanees cuisine. She fell in love with it after traveling in the Middle East with her parents a few years ago (#hummusforlife 😊)

Marijn is hands on and never shies away when there is work to be done. That is why the chances are high, that of all the steps your earrings have gone through, Marijn has done at least one 💕

Her go to series is Grey’s Anatomy and she is currently working to get her own Vespa so she can sway through Amsterdam in style 🛵

The Pearl Cubic Earring is her favourite earring because it combines style with simplicity and it just matched perfectly with any outfit you have!


Primrose Team: Jill


Jill is the amazing purple haired jewellery queen at Primrose. After living in America for a few years she came back to the Netherlands and launched herself into a successful career with us 🚀

In no time she mastered the art of working with precious metals and became known for her amazing talent for precision. That is why she is in charge of all the gold plating and she personally oversees every single delicate step that goes into creating your high quality golden items.

She loves spending hours with the jewellery, polishing and treating them gently until they are just right. Her love for your jewellery is what makes them so shiny and pretty when you wear them ✨

Jill loves music, always has a tune in her head and above all else, still plays, buys and cherishes her ever growing collection of good old fashioned CD’s 💿 🎶

She is saving up for her motorbike license, plays top level roller derby and in her time off likes to knit and create beautiful artworks with different fabrics.

Jill her favourite earring is the Opal North Star Earring because if you look close enough you can find every single colour of the rainbow inside it. Just like life, if you look close enough you will find beauty and colour hidden in even the smallest of things 🌈 💕


Primrose Team: Romana


Romana loves beauty, partying and traveling. She likes to go dancing, having a relaxing night at the cinema or having fun at a music festival. As a project she currently also runs a part-time beauty salon 💇‍♀️💅💄

She really likes taking care of the earrings from start to finish. In the same way she works with people in her beauty salon, she treats each and every piece with a lot of love and respect. She does an amazing job at carefully arranging your jewellery in their box so you receive something that is absolutely gorgeous.

She likes to spend time looking at dream houses and making plans for the future 🤩

Her favorite earring is the Cubic Crescent Moon Earpin because it matches great with a lot of different outfits and instantly transforms your look into something classy.


Primrose Team: Yuli


Yuli is someone for whom having fun is basically her main goal in life. Whether that’s when she’s having sleepovers with her best friends, when she spends quality time with her family or when she’s cuddling with her super cute Labrador puppy named Boss 🐶

She’s really Primrose’s busy bee 🐝 Sitting still is not part of her vocabulary and she’s happiest when she can focus on doing something that matters, like making beautiful earrings. That’s why Primrose is the perfect place for her! There’s always enough to do to keep her happy!

Another thing that she’s really good at is being on time. Where most people are rather late than early, Yuli can’t be there early enough. In fact she even has a fear of being late 🙀 Besides that, you shouldn't be surprised if she mentions the weather at least once when talking to her. Somehow she just loves to complain about the weather, and well, living in the Netherlands makes that very easy 😅

Her favorite earring is the Golden Butterfly Earring, because it is just as cute & delicate as she is 🥰


Primrose Team: Britt


Britt moved to Amsterdam with her boyfriend only a few months ago, but she is already loving the city. They made a pact to be adventurous and discover at least one new restaurant or coffee place every week. She loves trying new things, traveling, going to the beach and spending time with friends.

At Primrose she is known for always being positive about things and also being able to work really fast and smile at the same time 😄

Britt her favorite movie is Interstellar 🚀 Her favorite series, Game of Thrones 🐉 and favorite food… Sushi 🍣

This summer she has booked a trip to Curaçao with her friends and next year she wants to travel around the world with her boyfriend.

Her favorite earring is the Detailed Heart Earring because it looks really vintage chique and reminds her of how much she loves her boyfriend 😍


Primrose Team: Sissy


There are three things in the world Sissy absolutely loves, head over heels, full devotion: her boyfriend, their French Bulldog (see picture) and Korean BBQ 😍

After taking her dog (Yoda) to Primrose once, the team instantly fell for her and she quickly became a regular welcomed guest to the studio. Yoda is friendly to everyone, like literally everyone, from the other girls in the team to the postman and she particularly likes to show you by intensely licking your face if she gets the chance 😂

Sissy is in charge of most customer care and enjoys chatting with you on DM or email. She is well known for coming up with fun ideas to surprise people and overdelivering. That is why a lot of the wonderful reviews on Trustpilot are written by people she made happy 💕

In her free time she likes to go to the cinema, watch Ru Paul’s Drag Race with her dog and eat spicy foods. She makes sure there is always interesting food in the house so guests will never leave hungry.

Sissy her favorite necklace is the Sun And Moon Necklace because it is a great piece to layer with other necklaces creating endless possibilities for mixing and matching styles ✨


Primrose Team: Douae


Douae is our wise mama 🤓You can always contact her if you need any advice; she always knows just what you need to hear. She’s a real life-loving person and tries to make most of every day. Her favorite free time is spent with her family, as they are very close 💖

Within Primrose she’s known as being really creative. Fun fact: she even sometimes makes her own clothing! How awesome is that?! Here her creativity is shown in how she makes the earrings and the awesome ideas she has. Her creativity in combination with her positivity makes her the perfect colleague 🥰

Her favorite earring is the Opal North Star, but really any opal earring catches her eye. I mean, imagine eating sushi and laying on some exotic beach; then this piece is just the perfect accessory ✨ Never enough sparkle & glam for a girl like Douae!


Primrose Team: Isis


Isis & Harry. Harry & Isis? Oh well, both sound good for Isis. Whether we’re talking about Harry Styles or Harry Potter, they both make her blush a little. Completely understandable if you ask me!

You can spot Isis from a distance, because there’s no one with such gorgeous blonde curls like her 😍 Within Primrose she’s always making everyone laugh, whether that’s because of her good sense of humor, or because her laugh is super infectious. Every company needs a person like that in their team!

If you’re walking around Amsterdam on a sunny summer afternoon you might just spot her! She loves go sailing through the canals or on the Amstel river with her friends 🚤 And to make her summer day even more complete she’ll eat some Mochi to finish it off!

Her favorite earring is the Sun Rose Earring, just because it is badass. Just like her.


Primrose Team: Annabel


Small but fierce. That’s Annabel in three words. She’s a football fanatic and loves to release all her energy while playing. And the fact that a lot of her best friends are in her team, definitely helps too of course! Her friends are the most important thing in her life, and being around them is all she wants 💗

As having people around is very important for Annabel, working at Primrose is a blast! Being surrounded by a team that often feels like a big group of friends, who doesn’t want that?! 🥰 She loves thinking about her outfits and match them all till they’re perfect, so having some Primrose beauties to add (which she made herself) definitely finishes the look 👸🏼

The Pearl Cubic Earring is her definite favorite, as pearls really stand out and are the perfect accessory to go with her style. Fun fact: she used to watch Harry Potter every Friday night as a child. So if you have any questions about Harry… Well she’s watched every movie over 100 times! 🧙🏼


Primrose Team: Roos


Being sporty is what would describe Roos well. Whether that’s playing field hockey, going to the gym or getting fit while shopping. Because that can be a sport too, you know?! But there’s one thing Roos loves most of everything: her mom. Awww! 🥰

Within Primrose she’s the one who’s always ready to help you whenever or for whatever. Nothing is too much to ask! That’s a super valuable character trait to have, that we really treasure. Besides that she knows a lot about precious stones, since she collects those at home. A hobby that really comes in handy when working here 😇

Knowing this, it isn’t a surprise that her favorite earring is basically every golden earring with an opal✨ She can’t have enough of those! Just one last fun fact: she hates oysters. Oh well, not everyone likes a mouthful of seawater 🤣


Primrose Team: Sabine


Sabine has two things she absolutely loves in life: playing board games and South-Africa. Oh, and let’s not forget her husband and Toto; her super cute & fluffy Siberian kitten 😻But yea, South-Africa is basically her second home. Not surprising when you’ve visited a country 10 times already 🙀So whenever someones says ‘Braai’ or ‘Bobotie’, you’ll instantly make her eyes twinkle ✨

Within Primrose she’s answering all your emails and DM’s, together with Sissy. As helping others is something that comes naturally for her, this work is a perfect fit! Besides the customer care, she’s also busy finding the perfect influencers to promote our beauties 💖


Besides her husband, her man-crush is without any doubt (the young) Leonardo diCaprio. Romeo & Juliet, Titanic… Well, no need to elaborate that any more 😍

Her favorite earring is the Cubic Opal Earthread. It is so super shiny and because it changes color in sunlight, it always succeeds in making you glow 🌟


Primrose Team: Alicia


Alicia is always happy & smiling. How? We don’t know. Maybe it’s her handsome boyfriend, her optimism, her adventurous spirit? 🙃One thing is for sure: it’s a pleasure to be around her! There’s one moment when it’s a little less exciting to be around her: when she’s driving. Not necessarily because she’s a bad driver, not at all. But because she’s basically the female Max Verstappen 🏎💪🏼 Kinda scary and pretty awesome at the same time, right?!

She’s also super creative, which has always been an important part of her life and will always be. She’s currently doing a creative study and hopes to proceed with that in her business that she’s starting together with her boyfriend. That ambition also shows in her work at Primrose, as she’s always busy and improving herself 😇

The Silver Shell Pearl is her favorite earring, as Alicia is a real beach lover and that’s a place where you can find her real often. Not a surprise that her favorite movie is Mamma Mia 🐚🌊 Or that she’s saving money to travel along America’s west coast. Ahhh how lovely… ✨


Primrose Team: Ilse


Going to the beach with your boyfriend, watching the sunset with a glass of good white wine in your hand… Yes, that is Ilse. A girl who enjoys spending as much time as she can with her friends, and loves them to bits. And a girl who’s friends frighten her as often as they can 😹

Ilse is a super driven & dedicated person, who is pretty perfectionistic. When she’s working on your beauties and making your personal boxes, she will always strive for the best look and will not settle for less. When with her friends this translates in the fact that she cannot stand losses, especially when playing Uno 💪🏼

Another interesting fact about Ilse is that she loves every dish that involves broccoli, or basically every green vegetable. As that probably makes up 0.0005% of the total world population, it makes her quite unique 🥦

The Star Sign Earring is her favorite earring, as she loves everything that has to do with her star sign and she even has a Scorpion tattoo 🦂


Primrose Team: Weiwei


Creating new stuff out of existing stuff; that’s what makes Weiwei most happy. Almost all clothes she wears have been transformed into new, gorgeous pieces 😍 The care she puts into her clothes can also be seen in her care for the people around her. She’s super loving, and a perfect listener. Even though this makes her seem like a soft person, you can also find her at techno festivals with her friends. Definitely a girl with more than 1 side 😎

Because she has these multiple sides to her, she’s friends with everyone at Primrose. There’s literally no one who can’t get along with Weiwei. Maybe this is also why she always manages to make people super happy with the personal notes that she writes! So did you get a note written by Weiwei that made you happy? Let’s sprinkle her with compliments and send a picture on Instagram 🎊

The Golden Shell Freshwater Pearl Earpin is her absolutely favorite, as it matches perfectly with her shell choker that she wears every day, and because she’s basically obsessed with all golden jewellery that involves pearls ❣️


Primrose Team: Mali


Athletics is Mali’s great passion. She always strives for the best to improve herself. So if you see Mali riding around on her e-bike, there’s a good chance she’s on her way to the running track!

The fun thing about Mali is that she’s super social and comfortable with new people. So whenever there’s a new colleague, she will instantly make that person feel at home 💗 And she loves laughing. So that definitely makes her the perfect fit for Primrose, because laughing is what we do all day 😸

Mali’s favorite earring is the Delicate Opal North Star and her favorite food is creamy pasta with red pesto. Hearing this you can’t help but imagine her dining in Italy with a gorgeous dress and some lovely Primrose pieces, don’t you?! 😍

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