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365 Day Guarantee

Primrose 365 Day Guarantee
A guarantee that makes worries disappear

Because if anything happens to your precious jewellery within 365 days,
we will absolutely, positively fix it for you or you will get your money back.
This includes:
  • 100% color guarantee
  • No Allergy Promise
  • Damages and Breaking

Why you will love this Guarantee
Ok we all know the experience… you found a special piece of jewellery and you just fall in love. Not a little in love but crazy in love, the head over heels kind of stuff. You decide to buy it and you can’t wait to wear it.
You protect your new found obsession with a passion and the worst thing you can imagine is, if it changes color, your skin reacts or the piece breaks up completely. And it has, we all have a small graveyard of sad memories of clothes, shoes and jewellery that did not live up to their expectations.

Now with Primrose this is different. Your special 365 Day Guarantee means we will do all the worrying for you. We make sure the plating quality is amazing, provide extra coating if needed and hey… we even replate your jewellery completely free of charge if need be. We take great care in making sure our jewellery contains the smallest amounts or even 0% of materials like nickel to make sure the chances of skin reactions are at a minimum and we assemble all the jewellery ourselves, by hand in Amsterdam. We truly take care of you…

What if stuff goes wrong?
If all the above was not enough to give you an amazing experience we will absolutely, positively fix it for you. First we will attempt to repair or fix your jewellery (of course for free). If this for any reason was not enough, the other option is getting your money back. We only want you to pay us for our jewellery when you are 100% happy. It’s that simple.

What we expect from you:
We do kind of expect you to take care of the basics. Our jewellery is durable but not indestructible. So we hope you understand, our guarantee does not cover damages due to excessive neglect or otherwise irrational behavior. Also prolonged contact with a water flow (like a shower) or miniral rich moisture (like the sea or perspiration) will erode plating. Of course we do all the work we can to make them as resilient as possible, by adding special protective topcoats. However if you really love your beautiful treasures it is best to not expose them to water erosion like that. How you treat them is obviously up to you and outside of our control. That is why we cannot cover water damage with our guarantee. However as long as you take basic care of your precious jewels you should be fine… and we will fix anything that may come up.

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