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Terms and Conditions

Primrose Jewellery General Terms and Conditions of Sale

These are the General Terms and Conditions of Sale of Primrose Jewellery. These Conditions will apply to all orders placed by you with Primrose Jewellery via the online store ( or otherwise. By placing an order, you agree to the applicability of these Conditions to the contract entered into between you and Primrose Jewellery. These Conditions explain the rights and obligations of the parties which apply to your order of products via the online store of Primrose Jewellery. For this reason, it is important for you to take the time to read these Conditions carefully. Primrose Jewellery recommends you to store these Conditions on your computer and/or print them out and keep them so that you can refer to them later.

Information about Primrose Jewellery:

Primrose Jewellery
Krijn Taconiskade 274
1087 HW Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Phone: (+31) 6 41 75 71 55

Chamber of Commerce Number: 57097062
VAT number: NL216643326B01


Your details

In order to facilitate the smooth execution of the contract by Primrose Jewellery, it is important that you correctly and completely provide your details, such as your name, your e-mail address and shipping address in accordance with the instructions. You are responsible for the correctness of the details provided by you. You will find the complete contact details of Primrose Jewellery above this article of these Conditions.

Primrose Jewellery will use the details supplied by you only in the manner as indicated in the privacy statement and disclaimer, which you may refer to on the website (


Offer and contract 

When you place an order via the online store of Primrose Jewellery, you will enter into a contract with Primrose Jewellery. The contract is created as soon as Primrose Jewellery has sent a confirmation to the e-mail address provided by you.

A contract as a result of an offer which is an obvious mistake and/or error, such as an unusually low price is not binding for Primrose Jewellery. Please contact Primrose Jewellery if you doubt the validity of an offer.


Price and payment 

The price quoted in the online store at the moment of placing an order is the total price including all taxes and, if applicable, shipping costs. 

You may pay for your order in the way indicated in the online store of Primrose Jewellery.


Order processing and shipment 

Primrose Jewellery will make every effort to process and deliver your order as well and as quickly as possible after receiving full payment. 

Orders are delivered to the shipping address indicated by you and via standard international post. The delivery period as shown on the website is an indication. External factors, such as internal availability as well as the payment method and weather conditions, may affect the delivery period. 

If you have an order delivered outside the European Union, it is possible that the country in question will charge additional levies such as import tax. Primrose Jewellery has no influence or control over such levies and will therefore not be able to inform you thereof. Before placing such an order, you must check yourself whether the items ordered by you can be exported to or imported in the country in question and what the cost is thereof.

Title to the products ordered by you is transferred to you at the moment of receipt of full payment by Primrose Jewellery.

Primrose Jewellery takes great care to ensure that its products are shipped correctly and completely. Should you unexpectedly receive incomplete or damaged products, please contact Primrose Jewellery immediately.



Primrose Jewellery makes every effort to show its products on its website as precisely and completely as possible. However, it is in the nature of the offered products that there might be differences (such as color differences) between the picture of the products on the website and the product delivered to you. Should you believe that the delivered product is not the same as the product shown on the website, you may use your return right as described in these Conditions.

If for any reason you are not satisfied with the product you ordered, you have the right, without giving any reasons, within fourteen days after receiving the product to indicate that you wish to terminate the contract with regard to the product in question. This concerns the so-called time to reconsider. You may use your termination right by using the return form as attached to your order. Instructions of how to return merchandise can also be found on our website.

If you decide to terminate a contract with regard to a product, you have the obligation to return this product as soon as possible, but no later than fourteen days after termination to the address of Primrose Jewellery mentioned the Conditions. The direct costs of the return shipment of the product to Primrose Jewellery are for your own account.

In case of any termination as set forth in Article 7.1, Primrose Jewellery will return the amount paid for the product in question immediately and in any event not later than fourteen days after receipt of the message that you wish to terminate the contract, but not before Primrose Jewellery received the returned product in question or you are able to prove that the product has indeed been sent back.

The right of termination as included in Article these Conditions is meant to allow you to determine whether the product fits you and if you really want the product. You are allowed to use a product if necessary to verify if you want the product, but not wear it, just like you would do in a regular store. Continuous use of the product or even wearing them once affects, for hygienic reasons, your termination right as determined in more detail in these Conditions.

If a product, through your actions, has been damaged, has been cleaned, a product is incomplete or a product shows signs of use which prove that you have used the product more continuously than as permitted previously, you are responsible for the decrease of value of the product caused by you. Primrose Jewellery will deduct this decrease of value from the amount to be refunded to you or completely forfeit your right to a refund depending on the state of the product.


Allergy and other reactions

In most cases common sense will be sufficient to maintain a healthy skin while wearing jewellery. However, many different reasons, such as a lack of personal hygiene, may cause infections in the ears. You are expected to take care of your own bodies hygiene and respons to different metals or other compounds that may or may not be in the products of Primrose Jewellery. Although Primrose Jewellery strives to make their items have the least impact on your skin, by using pure ingredients wherever possible, Primrose Jewellery takes no responsibility over any health related or other results of you wearing their products. In short, Primrose Jewellery is in no way liable for any direct or indirect results of you wearing their products.


Modifications to these Conditions

If Primrose Jewellery decides to modify these Conditions, it will post the modified Conditions on its website. You are advised to check on a regular basis whether the Conditions have been modified. These Conditions were last modified on 1 August, 2019.



Primrose Jewellery strives to deliver only the highest possible quality in regards its products and services. However, should you unexpectedly have any complaints, you may send them by phone, by mail or e-mail to the respective addresses stated in these Conditions.


Applicable law and competent jurisdiction 

Dutch law applies exclusively to these Conditions and the contract entered into by you and Primrose Jewellery, with the exclusion of the UN Convention on the International Sale of Goods. 

The competent court in Amsterdam has the exclusive competence to hear and settle all disputes that might arise concerning these Conditions or the contract entered into by you and Primrose Jewellery.

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