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Eco Friendly Canvas Tote Bag

 Long lasting canvas cloth (100% pure quality cotton) 
Extra large handels for over shoulder comfort 
 Special Limited Edition "LOVE" by Primrose design

The bag is 42 x 38 cm
The handle length is 32 cm

The size was carefully fitted to wear comfortably both in hand and over shoulder.

The bag is made 100% from high quality cotton and woven into a strong, long lasting, canvas. The high quality cotton makes the cloth soft to the touch.

This bag comes with the same 365 day guarantee as all our jewellery. We are proud to make high quality products and want to make sure you enjoy them for a long time.

Stop wasting plastic bags with this super durable Eco Friendly, high quality cotton, Canvas Tote Bag. It was build to last a long time.

This bag is perfect for a day at the beach, a picknick in your local park or to help you along with your grocery shopping.

The special limited edition "LOVE" by Primrose design will make sure you always cary that little bit of love with you. We believe that love is the key to so many things in life, small things and big things. This is just a little reminder that you can find love everywhere you go.

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