Your third earring is FREE with code 2PLUS1

Hey you! Thanks for being in love with Primrose 💕

Again sorry for not giving you a special deal before but to make up for it, I arranged something special for you!

Primrose Team: Jade, Kee and /nouriya

I personally trained 3 of our best girls (see pictures) to give you a customized gift when you order again. They will look at your order and the one from before and custom make one earring for you that they feel really matches your style😍

Hihi they flipped when I told them the could even use our expensive parts this week to make your earring. I even gave one of them my key to the special items locker🙈

So if you order again this week they will make you one personally styled earring for free.

Now because they will put a considerable amount of work and attention into handcrafting your free gift earring I do want to ask you to at least order 2 earrings. However you are absolutely free to use the 2PLUS1 discount code to get maximum discount🤓

This is how you get your FREE GIFT:
  1. Select at least 2 or 3 earrings on the website
  1. Use the same email address you used before to order, so we know it is you
  1. For maximum discount apply code 2PLUS1 and get your 3rd earring also for free
  1. The girls will start working for you and handcraft you something amazing
  1. Enjoy wearing your personalised gorgeous beauties 
Make sure you order on time because they are only able to do this for you this week. 

Feel free to reach out in Insta DM or email ( if you have any questions :)

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