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Gold Filled Minimalist Star Stud Set

Price for two star earpins (2) 


 365 day guarantee included for free (read more) 
 Comes with two gold filled butterfly clutches
 You receive two star earpins
The earpin has a length of 10 mm
The star is 3 mm
This item is made in Gold Filled Quality

Using a special filling technique the Gold Filled Quality jewellery gets an even thicker layer and assimilation of gold. This will makes sure they will last 10 or even 30 years with normal wear. To keep te items affordable Gold Filled Quality is usually only applied on lightweight jewellery like this piece. Because of the much larger amount of solid gold that is being used the durability is unparalleled in quality by any method of gold plating. So if you want your items to last 10 years or longer, going for the Gold Filled Quality is a great choice for you.

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